Patient Information



Phone: 1-917-204-4779

920 Broadway, Suite 817

(Between 20th and 21st sts)

New York, NY 10010


Medical coverage

  • MNF is a provider for Medicare. Medicare is responsible for 80% of the session fee, with the additional 20% being covered by the secondary insurance. Patients who have no secondary insurance or whose secondary insurance pays only part of the 20% are responsible for the balance.
  • Most out-of-network private health insurance will cover physical therapy. As there is a great variety of health insurance plans, please call your company for their specific coverage provided.



  • A referral from a doctor to see a physical therapist is not required in New York State for the first 30 days or ten sessions of treatment. However, some health insurance plans might still require a referral. Please check with your insurance for the specific requirements before starting physical therapy. 
  • Medicare still does require a referral with a diagnosis from a doctor before starting physical therapy.


Documents to bring to the initial consultation

  • Medicare and secondary insurance cards. 
  • All relevant MRI, X-ray, and other tests results. It is not necessary to bring the film, only the written report. 
  • A list of all your current medications.