• Each physical therapy session lasts up to one full hour. This is very unusual in New York City. Being sole practitioner in her office, Marie-Noëlle has been able to maintain this high level of care to the great benefit and satisfaction of her patients.
  • During each session, the therapist uses some combination of manual therapy, exercises, neuro-muscular and functional re-education, self-care, and education according to the plan of care and the need of the patient 
  • Typically, the therapist works with the patient to develop a home exercise program that consolidates the session and helps the patient to avoid recurrence of the problem.
  • Tools used include gym ball, free weights, thera-band, steps and balance pad, among others. Kinesio Taping is also very useful for many presentations. In addition, ice, heat, and the TNS unit are used for management of pain.
  • To create a continuum between the work of the physical therapy sessions and the patient's other physical activities, the therapist is available to meet with the patient's personal trainer, Pilates or Yoga instructor, should there be an interest from all parties. This can be done at the physical therapy office or at the patient's gym as needed. A phone conversation is sometimes all that is needed for everybody to be on the same page and for the patient to benefit to the maximum from all of his or her activities.
  • Marie-Noëlle Falardeau is also occasionally available for home visits should it be required or more suitable for the patient. 






The Sessions 


Marie-Noëlle Falardeau is the sole practitioner in her private practice; therefore each patient is guaranteed consistent and individualized treatment at every session.


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