H. Starcevic, RN

As the RN in a small family-doctor’s office, I often helped with referrals and heard feedback from the patients. Our office began referring Physical Therapy patients to Marie-Noëlle in 1989. Not only was the patient response extremely positive, but her assessment skills, knowledge, and interface with the MDs was very valuable. 


Her practice is always geared toward the individual patient's needs: Besides her intuitive diagnostic and treatment approach, she also gives the patient exercises designed for the specific injury or weakness. This empowers the patient to be involved in their own health and healing and has made her our "go to" resource for Physical Therapy.



Gladys Halper, Patient

Marie-Noëlle Falardeau was recommended to me by an osteopath. She is an extraordinary physical therapist. MNF is extremely knowledgeable, caring, patient and responsive to practical concerns. She instructs clearly, provides written directions for home follow-up and checks periodically for progress and to ensure that exercises are being done correctly. 


On two separate occasions, I have been gratified by significant improvements in pain and functioning. I know of no other PTs who give you a full hour of their undivided attention at each session. I cannot recommend Marie-Noëlle Falardeau too highly!

Phone: 1-917-204-4779

920 Broadway, Suite 817

(Between 20th and 21st sts)

New York, NY 10010

Nadine, Patient

Marie-Noëlle is the best, most effective physical therapist in New York City.  Being a person with chronic illness and different physical injuries over the years,  I have seen many different types of physical therapist. Once Marie-Noëlle was recommended by one of my doctors, she became the only choice.  She has worked on my frozen shoulder, leg muscle weakness, back pain (collapsed disk, etc), fibromyalgia and multiple other physical needs.  Her knowledge of anatomy and the physical structure of the body stays current.  She has the "hands" that can determine where the problems are and how to work with the problem. 


Ever been to a physical therapist who treats you as if you are part of a assembly line or who is doing treatment that isn't effective?  That does not happen with Marie-Noëlle.  She is knowledgeable, firm and effective.  This is not a Sports Therapy office that sticks you on machines under the eyes of an assistant and leaves you on your own.  Here you get a program tailored to you, your problems and is productive.I have had need of frequent help



Gina King, Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor

I would recommend Marie-Noëlle Falardeau to any movement practitioner who needs help with an injury.  She has a good eye and is a skillful bodyworker.  I have many years of dance and yoga training, yet was suffering with a chronic injury, the source of which I couldn’t figure out on my own.  Marie-Noëlle met me where I was. She helped me see how I was compensating for hidden weakness in ways that were causing my problem.  I now have less pain, greater strength and freedom of movement, and a better understanding of my shoulders. Not only have I benefited, my students will too!