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I will be in NYC from mid January to end of June 2019.

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Official site: MNF Physical Therapy is the New York physical therapy and rehabilitation practice of Marie-Noëlle Falardeau PT.  Marie-Noëlle offers highly individualized one-hour sessions, including pre- and post-operative physical therapy and treatment of all acute and chronic orthopedic ailments.   

 Introducing MNF Physical Therapy:

Focused attention and treatment by Marie-Noëlle Falardeau. PT


  • Sessions lasting one full hour if needed
  • An individualized plan of treatment specific to your complex and/or chronic presentation or acute injury
  • Patient education to empower you – each patient should understand their plan of treatment
  • Treatment  usually consist of a  combination of skilled manual therapy and exercises/movement re-education
  • Functional re-education is incorporated to improve quality of life
  • Flexibility: Sessions can be provided at the PT office, at your gym, or in your home if required
  • Direct billing to Medicare by provider
  • Sessions are covered by most out-of-network plans. Please check with your insurance before making an appointment .



Phone: 1-917-204-4779

920 Broadway, Suite 817

(Between 20th and 21st sts)

New York, NY 10010