The practice at MNF covers the acute or chronic phase of most orthopedic diagnoses. Treatment addresses all age groups, from adolescent to senior citizen, and patients at all activity levels, from those performing recreational sports to those ambulating with a walker. The treatment focus goes beyond the “part of the body” involved, to an evaluation of how the patient’s symptoms and impairments affect the individual’s daily life.




Some of the patient populations whom MNF treats



Senior citizens

-     Osteoporosis program

-     Home exercise program for osteoarthritis

-     Fall Prevention Program


Yoga students

-     Evaluation and recommendations for specific yoga positions to recover from injury and avoid recurrence

Office and computer workers 

-    Workstation evaluation with recommendations for optimal posture/position to avoid and recover from neck, shoulder and/or elbow pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome



Who We Treat
Phone: 1-917-204-4779

920 Broadway, Suite 817

(Between 20th and 21st sts)

New York, NY 10010

Phone: 1-917-204-4479

920 Broadway, Suite 817

(Between 20th and 21st sts)

New York, NY 10010-6004



-     Evaluation of biomechanics to avoid recurrent injuries


-     Postural evaluation

-     Prevention of or recovery from sports injuries

General population

-     Instruction for proper use of gym equipment

-     Therapy to avoid surgery or recover from a surgery

-     Therapy to improve patients'  level of function or sports activities

-     Therapy to recover from any neuro-musculo-skeletal injuries